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Lalie Schewadron
Muriel Waldvogel
Vernissage le jeudi 5 février 2009
Ouverture du 6 février au 14 mars 2009
Lalie Schewadron
Art and science are just as similar as they are different. Both strive to explore new territories, whilst still holding different views on rationality and the sensibility of ideas. Lalie Schewadron’s unique work can be seen as a mix of both. On the basis of scientific thinking, she invents new stunning and breath-taking formats that are open to interpretation. The art she creates is a hybrid of the scientific and the artistic, which are, of course, impossible in scientific imagery. With digital writing, Lalie Schewadron stews up a world of science, nature, technology, combining the new media with more traditional techniques. Her world is full of movement, which stimulates the spectators’ minds and forces them to reflect on nature, fiction, the present and the improbable.
The Lucy Mackintosh Gallery is delighted to exhibit a new installation of digital painting and projections by Lalie Schewadron along with works by Muriel Waldvogel between 5th February and 14th March 2009. Lalie Schewadron obtained an MA in Fine Art at Central St. Martins University of the Arts, London, after having completed a Master of Science in Management at Boston University, Massachusetts. She was a finalist for the Celeste Painting Prize in 2006 and won the Drawing Conclusion competition by ArtSEEN journal in 2007. She has exhibited at New Art ’07 at MPG Contemporary Boston and for the Helen Keller International Award at the Collins Gallery in Glasgow. She was born in 1971 and currently works and lives in Boston and Lausanne.

Muriel Waldvogel
Newscocoons is a set of pulsating media sculptures that display news - user-generated stories, videoclips, pictures, blogs - fed from geographically dispersed sources. The cocoons glow and breath slowly. Each cocoon tracks specific keywords, and embodies a theme such as alienation, chaos, body and emotions. The global shape of Newscocoons is constantly in flux, emerging from the particular constellation and intensity of information flow from the various sources. From timid to overpowering the Newscocoons may appear to be a threat to the body when overblown with information, or a soft companion in our everyday life. News happen everywhere, inundating our daily lives. Increasingly created bottom-up, in decentralized fashion as blogs, videostories, news come from the most unexpected places, in different formats and at unpredictable times. We subscribe, and news feed us. The Newscocoons are a tangible expression of the news that is consumed. Newscocoons live and breath news articulating tangibly the energy that flows in them. They are made of inflatable, translucent specific textile, a sails material with a discrete elasticity, used in maritime cultures. Its sensuality emanates from its tension, pulse and folding sounds as the cocoons are fed information. As a magnet for news with specific themes and bias, the cocoons become independent, self-sorted worlds of news, with the potential danger of creating extreme polarization of one specific group’s views and opinions. The cocoons express visibly and audibly how much memory is accumulated. When memory size grows, the cocoon grows, giving memory a sense of physicality, a sense of weight and a sense of volume. Cocoons grow up to a point when the eminent danger of an explosion becomes unbearable. The amalgam of news in the Newscocoons, whether generated by amateurs or professionals, whether insightful or junk, reflects the period of time we live in, with all the truths, lies and squalor.
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